Empowering young people to re-engage in learning and succeed in their educational goals

What We Do

iScoil is a non-profit online learning service that offers young people a pathway to learning, accreditation and progression.

We provide a safe learning environment where young people can re-engage with education, achieve recognised QQI certification and access further education, training and employment opportunities.

How We Work

We provide a personalised learning programme based on a student’s unique needs, interests and abilities.

Our approach combines instructional content with individual mentoring and tutoring support to guide each student along their journey, building up an assessable portfolio of work, leading to their QQI accreditation.

iScoil is flexible and adaptable, allowing students to work at their own pace, from home or from a local blended learning centre.

1. Referral

Our referrals are made by TESS Educational Welfare Officers for early school leavers aged between 13-16 years. Each referral is reviewed carefully to ensure that iScoil is in the best interests of the young person referred.

2. Getting Started

When accepted, each student receives an iScoil pack that provides all information required to log in to our learning platform. Students start with some basic learning activities and exercises designed to allow us assess learning styles and interests. Students are assigned an individual online mentor and introduced to our online course tutors.

3. Personal Learning Plan

A mentor builds a personalised learning plan that is designed to bring out the best of the student’s abilities and is reflective of their interests. Each day the student completes work which online tutors and mentors review, provide feedback and adapt the next day’s learning plan as required.

4. Support

Mentors regularly host live video calls with learners and have years of experience guiding students through unique learning paths. Our online tutors provide help and daily feedback, while our central team are always available to contact online and by phone.

5. Achieving Certificates

As students work through the tasks in their learning plan, they complete various learning outcomes. These outcomes eventually build into a full portfolio of evidence. This forms the basis of their continuous assessment. Students can achieve certification for each course they complete.

6. Progression

When students are ready to move on from iScoil, we can provide help and advice on the next stage in their learning journey. Some of our students have chosen to return to school and others have progressed to further education, training courses or employment.

Blended Learning Centres


QQI Provider

iScoil is a QQI provider and we offer young people the opportunity to achieve a QQI Certificate in General Learning.

To complete the Certificate in General Learning students need to complete six courses.
Four core courses plus two optional courses.

Our Approach

Courses can be completed at a learner’s own pace and students will be awarded accreditation for each course completed.

Our Course Content

Our courses include a range of instructional and multimedia content provided to equip learners with knowledge, skills and competence in the subject area.

We have designed and tailored our courses to suit students’ interests and provide relevant and engaging content.



"I get much more contact from iScoil than I would from a school."


"iScoil is getting me back into seeing education as an interesting and useful thing instead of something to hate and avoid."


"Without iScoil some of our young people would not attend any sort of formal education, it has provided an opportunity and support at a crucial time in their lives."

Blended Centre Manager

"iScoil gave my daughter the time and space to develop her talents in a friendly and safe environment."


"The best thing about iScoil was knowing that your mentor was always looking out for you."


"We have found iScoil to be an invaluable service to offer."

Blended Centre Manager
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We have awarded

QQI Certificates


Young People
80% of iScoil students achieve
QQI accreditation
83% of iScoil students progress to further education, training or employment