To complete the Certificate in General Learning students need to complete four core modules plus two additional optional modules.

Courses can be completed at a learner’s own pace and students will be awarded accreditation for each module completed.

Communications (CORE)

Our communications course offers students the chance to improve their skills in various important areas, such as, reading texts, writing for different audiences and verbal communications. A strength of this topic is that students can easily focus on their own interests for much of the work they complete.

Themes Available:

  • Cars & Mechanics
  • Music

Computer Literacy (CORE)

The computer literacy course gives students a thorough understanding of basic terminology associated with information and communications technology. It covers the practical side of how to set up a computer, health and safety issues and the concept of environmental issues relating to ICT.

Personal & Interpersonal Skills (CORE)

This course offers students opportunities to explore a range of social issues, to reflect on the nature of interpersonal relationships and to gain an understanding of the personal and social factors that influence their own lives. It also encourages students to reflect on their own attitudes and lives.

Themes Available:

  • Cars & Mechanics

Maths (CORE)

This course is designed to give students a basic mathematical understanding of various topics like measurement & capacity, problem solving and algebra. As much as possible, we try to provide practical applications of learning, where this knowledge is used in a real world setting..

Career Preparation

This course is an integral part of helping our learners who are interested in securing employment. We help them make informed judgments about work, training and educational opportunities, and gain practice in a range of skills needed to prepare for employment, such as CV and interview preparation.

Challenging Discrimination

This course helps our students with the development of personal qualities, such as, mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance. Students will explore concepts that underpin discrimination, including prejudice/bias, in/equality, intolerance. They explore the common terms associated with discrimination, and learn about the range of types of discrimination that exist. They then identify ways in which discrimination can be challenged effectively, and ways that respect, tolerance and acceptance can be promoted.

Digital Media

Our digital media course helps bring out the creative side of our students by requiring them to create movies, take photographs and design posters. They’ll also learn a lot about the rise of social networking, issues surrounding copyright laws, digital communications and computer games.


This course is designed for those who think they may want to go down the hairdressing route. It shows students how to shampoo, condition and blow dry hair. It gives them knowledge behind hair care, including hair types, scalp types, and washing and drying. Materials, tools and a limited range of salon duties are covered. The students will be able to understand and demonstrate the process of washing and drying hair, from selecting the correct materials and tools, to preparing the client. Health, safety and personal hygiene procedures will also be covered. This course will also develop students actual application of communication skills and team working through the demonstrations.

Health & Fitness

Students will gain the skills and knowledge required to live a healthy and balanced life. They will learn what a healthy lifestyle is, such as, healthy eating, physical activity, and stress management. They will explore the benefits of healthy eating, developing an understanding of the food pyramid, balanced calorie intake, and the factors that affect calorie intake. They will examine various elements of physical fitness, looking at factors that affect fitness and the mental and physical benefits of physical activities. They will have to demonstrate safety considerations when taking part in any physical activities, such as warming up and cooling down and stretching.

Personal Effectiveness

This course equips students with the knowledge, skills and competencies to meet the personal and social demands of their everyday environments. It involves a group project where students work as part of a team towards a common goal. These projects have taken the form of baking cakes, going on fishing trips and organising coffee mornings amongst many other things.

Themes Available:

  • Animal Care
  • Art
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Sports