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Before Making a Referral

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Young Person Information

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    • Ethnicity:
    • Language:
    • Which blended learning centre?
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    • Please provide additional details below:
    • Has the young person been referred to iScoil before?
    • (NOTE: If yes, you will only need to update any new information or change in circumstance since the last referral was submitted)
  • Please provide any new information or change in circumstances since the last referral was submitted below:

Parent/Guardian Details

  • Name of Parent/Guardian:
  • Relationship to Young Person:
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School History

    • School Name and Address:
    • School Contact Person's Name:
    • School Contact Person's Position:
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    • Number of days absent in the current academic year?
    • days absent out of school days.
    • Number of days absent in the last academic year?
    • days absent out of school days.
    • Please provide a detailed overview of most recent school attendance/absenteeism:
    • Please provide a detailed overview of previous school(s) attendance/absenteeism:
    • Previous school(s) attended (please include contact information):

Describe Interventions Attempted

  • Please select the interventions attempted:
  • Home School Community Liaison
  • School Completion Programme
  • Other interventions:
  • What resources have been allocated to meet young person's needs?
  • Have parents engaged with any support/resources? (Please give details)
  • Has the young person engaged with these interventions? (Please give details)
  • Does this child have a diagnosed Special Educational Need?
  • Has this child been assessed (or is assessment pending) by the National Educational Psychological Service?

Reason for Referral

  • Please select at least one of the following reasons for the referral:
  • Anxiety
  • Behavioural
  • School Phobia
  • Social Phobia
  • Medical (with Diagnosis)
  • Medical (without Diagnosis)
  • Other
  • Please give more details:
  • Length of time EWS is involved with child/family:
  • Efforts made to support school attendance:

Other Agencies

  • Do you have any knowledge of other agencies involved with the family?
  • Are you aware of any child protection or welfare concerns?

Medical Information

  • Please provide any relevant medical information about the young person below:

Other Relevant Information

    • Are there any Health and Safety issues that iScoil should be aware of?
    • Does the young person have access to the following technology?
    • Give as much detail as possible and specify if the internet connection is broadband, mobile broadband etc.
    • Please note that tablets are not considered a suitable means for a young person to access iScoil.
  • Internet Connection?
  • PC?
  • Laptop?

Home Tuition

    • Does the young person currently meet the criteria for Special Ed Home Tuition?
    • Please provide further details:
    • Please provide further details:
  • Has a recent Home Tuition application been made?
  • Was the application granted?
  • Please provide further information on the current status of Home Tuition:
  • Please provide further information on the status of the application:
  • Please give details why an application for Home Tuition was not made:
    • In the past, has the young person previously availed of Home Tuition?
  • Please state the outcome:
    • Please include any relevant information on previous engagement with Home Tuition:
    • Please give details on previous Home Tuition and the reason why Home Tuition is not being applied for again:


  • Do you accept that this young person would be a suitable candidate for iScoil?
  • Referrer's Name:
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Once submitted, you will have the opportunity on the next page to attach any supporting forms, documents or reports that you feel are relevant.