•      School Refusal 27%
  •      Anxiety 25%
  •      Behavioural Difficulties 23%
  •      Disaffection 16%
  •      Illness/Other 9%
  • Number of students: 56

Reasons why students were referred to us in 2014

iScoil takes young people on as students for a large variety of reasons. Because of this, we are very experienced in adapting to suit a young person’s needs and developing an individualised path to learning for them. In our experience, there are often many overlapping reasons for referral that simplify what is a complex reality. For example, a young person might refuse to go to school because of bullying or because they’re experiencing learning difficulties related to the nature of the school system.

Awards achieved by students in 2014

One way of measuring the effectiveness of our work is looking at our levels of accreditation. In the 2014 year, 93% of our students got a certificate for either completing a QQI module or completing a specific learning outcome. Our students like receiving their certs because they visually show evidence of an achievement. Ultimately we build towards supporting students in obtaining a QQI Level 3 Certificate in General Learning, which is the equivalent of the Junior Cert and achieved after a student completes 6 of our modules.

  •      1-3 QQI Certs 52%
  •      Certificate of Achievement 32%
  •      4-6 QQI Certs 9%
  •      None 7%
  • Number of students: 56

  •      Youthreach 32%
  •      Solas 32%
  •      School 21%
  •      Other/Unknown 12%
  •      Employment 3%
  • Number of students: 33

Where our students progressed to in 2014?

One of our goals is to engage students in learning with a view to moving them onto other learning, training and employment opportunities. With that in mind, a valid method of measuring our success is by looking at the progression routes of our students that have finished with us. iScoil is highly involved in helping our students that are moving on find the next step in education or employment. In 2014, 88% of our students who were progressing from iScoil either got a place with Youthreach or SOLAS, returned to school or obtained employment.